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We are A-Champs. Our purpose is to get people of all ages to move, so they can have healthy and happy lives. That’s why we are the SportsTech company that develops easy-to-use, playful and science-based smart technology for training.

Our Team
Harder than hardware
Our multicultural team – based in Menlo Park, Barcelona and Shanghai – is a fusion of nerds, creatives and athletes. Our professionals have manufactured and developed sports goods and wearables worth more than $100M for the biggest global sports leagues, brands and retailers, played for and worked with sports giants like the NFL and FC Barcelona.

Our Story
Getting people to move
Our story began in 2008, when our CEO, Kilian, and his wife, Anika, quit their corporate jobs to start a manufacturing and product development company. While the business quickly picked up Anika fell ill with breast cancer in 2010. She fought it hard and ended up winning. The experience left the young couple with a heightened awareness of the need to live a healthy lifestyle.

They saw an opportunity to combine their existing business with their search for healthy habits by creating a product that camouflages physical activity as play. Not until the two other key players of A-Champs joined them were they ready to bring their vision to life. Wayne, with a Ph.D. in micro-robotics, experience developing sensors and wearables for Xiaomi, was the perfect CTO to lead the development at A-Champs. He’s the father of an active boy and is passionate about his healthy upbringing. Stepfán, a former NFL pro athlete, took the tough decision to terminate his successful career due to an ongoing injury, putting his well being in the forefront. He shared the same passion for helping people to get more active and joined the co-founders team. In 2018, A-Champs became part of ASICS’ Tenkan-Ten acceleration program and launched the game-changing ROXs Pro, the first smart training assistant.

Paul Coll

No. 5 PSA World Tour Squash Player
Coach Mu

Ajamu Olaniyan

Triple Jump National Champion (US)
Owner of @TopFlightOne
Xavi Blasco

Xavi Blasco

Luxemburg National Squash Team Coach @xaviblasco
Barbara Edes

Barbara Edes

Coach of girls' gymnastics team

Desmond Diaz

2x Gold Medalist Tafisa WMAG
Owner of @massagepromed
Nikkie Zanevsky

Nikkie Zanevsky

Parkour Fitness Trainer
Owner of @GetWildlyFit

Kieran Gething

Boxing National Champion (UK)
Austin Schoen

Austin Schoen

Physical Therapist
Owner of @WarriorSportsWellness

Larry Cadile

Physical Education Teacher
Owner of @fitnessfactorypts